In the corrupt underbelly of Montnoir, there is one last hope for saving the city from rampant corruption, crime and moral decrepitude:

An Italian-American bouncer named Tony, fuck.

CONCEPT: It’s Jersey Shore meets Superhero genre if DeadMau5 DJ’ed.

Da Beatz!!! is an adult cartoon that draws on comic superhero-ness of Superman, Batman and the Marvel set and blends it with the douchery of Jersey Shore to deliver the foul- mouthed satirical adventures of Tony Salvatore, dance club bouncer by trade but aspiring Italian renaissance intellectual by night (strong emphasis on aspiring...). This tough supplement-stacking bodybuilder with a heart of gold, a brain of mush and a body of corrugated steel moonlights as a vigilante to defeat the rampant corruption in his native Montnoir. BUT, he can only do so under the deep influence of phat electronic dance tracks created by sidekick musical genius DJ Kue (aka Alan Kunitz, geeky Jewish accountant student turned rebel psychoacoustics researcher). As the bouncer of Club Rome, owned by Samy Habib, a thriving business magnate and market maker bringing the criminal and political element together over sex, drugs and bottle service, Tony has a front row view as a double agent catching wind of each of the new schemes and cracking plans to foil them with all of his upper body strength, and increasingly more so, his developing noodle.

Da Beatz!!! draws on the the fun of superhero satire, a sympathetically lovable brute in the form of Tony who only tries to do good and be smart like his late professor father but somehow has picked up a vulgar street mouth, fuck, and has a love/hate relationship with EDM (electronic dance music), lampooning the bad and blasting the good. The result is a fresh musically-driven and imaginative cartoon experience which at its core skewers life and politics in the modern day multicultural metropolis, irreverent nod after nod.

But no matter who anyone is, nor what they’re too lazy to accomplish all week, the whole city comes together in all of its colors on Saturday night on Crescendo street. Crescendo’s famous Miracle Kilometer is where the elite flash their bling, fluorescence is a way of life, wifebeaters abound (in every sense imaginable), and the sound of the beats - those pulsating four-to-the-floor oom tse oom tse ooms - move young drunken girls and established douchebags to become intoxicated in dance, sex, and more often than not, souvlaki. It’s a colorful international affair, a Benetton ad gone awry, the UN if every delegate took 20+ shots in under an hour and removed half their clothing.

At the center of this Miracle Kilometer is the infamous Moulin Rouge of its time and place, the ultimate dance club of them all, the place where stars of the underworld are made, sinful plans are hatched and future criminals are conceived (and subsequently aborted the next day): Club Rome. Ranked the number two site seeing destination to the Vatican (another popular dance club across down), it’s where every young girl and aspiring criminal mastermind wants, nay, needs to be seen. The vodka sprays like the city’s broken fire hydrants, and VIP rooms smell of dirty money, sweat and Camels (in every sense imaginable). All the while, the penetrating beats of Club Rome’s house house DJ, DJ Douche Mark, reverberate through the walls of the entire block and lead to at least one minor concrete structure crumbling per night (a tradition applauded by the drunken survivors).

Guarding this fortress is the unlikely hero of our story, justice’s only hope for salvation: a bouncer named Tony. 

THE WORLD: Picture it: Montnoir, a multi-cultural sin city corrupt to the core. It’s Euro Gotham. Alphabet City in New York in the 80’s if DJ Tiesto were blasting out of small red Fiats at 4:00 AM and the lampposts were made of glowsticks.

Montnoir is known for its colorful cast of characters: corrupt politicians party in the afterhours with the criminal element, tipping for bottle service with sealed bribe money envelopes from shabby construction contracts. Prostitution is not just a way of life – it’s a thriving industry, taught at local colleges (two-year program) and earning its own section in the local newspaper. Successful drug dealers are indistinguishable from government and corporate leaders (and unsuccessful ones are indistinguishable from corpses). Everything imaginably illicit is trafficked quickly and efficiently, except for the actual traffic – that’s slow as fuck.

THE HERO: Anthony (Tony) Salvatore, 27, lives with his Nonna in a touching cross generational relationship where he brings home the bacon (in every sense imaginable) and she folds all of his black spandex shirts into perfect polygons. Tony has never met his parents; his Nonna has raised him all of his recollectible life.

A graduate of the school of tough love, his Nonna rules with an iron fist but a loving heart, and as a result Tony has been raised to be a loyal, and sweet, a perfect gentleman, from an old school sense of chivalry that hasn’t been seen in Montnoir since it was founded by Jacques Chival himself hundreds of years ago. Were it not for Tony’s brawny looks, style of dress, constant vulgar language and weekly beating of Club Rome rulebreakers into bloodied toothless pulps, he really would barely fit in.

But here’s the backstory that few know – Tony’s only working the doors to pay for his Nonna and his life. In reality, his passion is the music, and the reason he stays at the club is to keep himself close to the source of it. From as far back as he could remember, he always had an innate and deep reaction to music, and not just music per se, but the beats. Those timed poundings always seemed to have an almost biologically wired possessive effect on him, driving him to what could only be described as another dimension, or a manic high. Because of its power, he’s always been fascinated by music. His late father Enzo Salvatore was a great Da Vinci-esque renaissance man who mastered ethical philosophy in addition to writing on music and the arts – at least as his Nonna has explained to him - and most recently his goal in life has been to find his identity by following in his father’s footsteps and become a philosophy professor cum professor of music theory (he wants to create his own new theory of music, fuck). His Nonna has been discouraging him from following this pursuit, suggesting that “some-ah people are-a strong in-a dee body, and some-ah people are-a strong in dee head. But not-a so many people are-a strong in-a both. So why you make-ah life so hard, Tony?” But Tony always protests, citing the case of his hero, Chris Langan, the philosopher bouncer considered to be one of the smartest men in the world.

Tony’s been working at Club Rome for five years, demonstrating his filial piety to Rome owner Samy, the Lebanese business magnate in Montnoir. Tony started with bar service and anything to get him close to the DJ and the speakers, but as Tony grew up and grew into a “full-bodied man” Samy recognized his innate potential to be a star bouncer and take care of dirty work. Out of duty and his ethical fiber Tony took to the job, still trying to catch snippets of music from his stance outside. But, over the past few years, Tony grew more and more disillusioned with the growing corruption in the city, the flagrant egotism of the club patrons, the criminals, and even worse, the behavior of Samy himself, who Tony is beginning to realize is not just a passive witness to the crime and corruption of the city, but possibly in on it, if not behind it.

This growing paranoia has led to a vicious cycle of Tony getting more and more pumped at BodyBulgers gym, becoming huger and huger, and more and more of an intimidating almost freakish fixture for the club, beating the living shit out of anyone who attempts to cut in line, talk trash, or say anything negative about how a girl is dressed (Tony’s major vulnerability – the defiling of women. He’s a softie). But his strength would just be a reflection of his inner feelings of helplessness. Until one day where that would all change...when he would come across the music of DJ Kue, AKA Alan Kunitz, a poseur DJ by night but a psychoacoustics nerd by day studying how to elicit superhuman activity through bass frequencies.

EPISODES AND SERIES ARC: The first season follows the evolution of Tony as he finds out more about his mysterious past as an Italian-American bouncer who in fact emanates from outer space, and how it is that he has ended up in the hands of Nina Salvatore as his caretaker, and why the music triggers the apparently superhuman reaction that he has – and what that means for the future of humanity. You know, sweating the small stuff.

 Meanwhile, as Samy’s extra-club-ular ambitions grow, he starts to become more involved in a complicated global crime syndicate that becomes increasingly white collar and corporate, forcing Tony to go beyond his superstrength and into the realm of supersharp (or as he puts it, getting “mind-ripped”). In doing so, he takes on a more relaxed bouncer shift at Rome and in his spare time starts to follow the paper trail globally, going on universal adventures that take Tony to all sorts of other settings, ethnicities and languages.

As the show is meant to skewer politics of the big city, the true stories of various cities get referenced throughout and provide a new set of villainous characters that provoke Tony to save the day (e.g. The Fjord Brothers, a team of raw-talking right wing drug dealers, Mario Berry, the crack smoking prostitute loving mayor of the District of Colombia, and Gov. Bloyagovichnikov, a government auctioneer who sells votes and seats in government out of a boiler room). 

CREATOR: Eli Batalion, a writer, producer and composer behind the feature horror musicals “Stage Fright” and the Sundance and TIFF short “The Legend of Beaver Dam”, the theatre hit “JOB: The Hip-Hop Musical,” the Just For Laughs-born show “Hip-Hop 4 Dummez” and most recently, the popular YouTube series “YidLife Crisis.” (Best comedy at TO Web Fest 2015). Eli is also a multi-genre music producer passionate about music making (and the difference between good and bad electronic music).

TALENT AND PACKAGING: Da Beatz!!! has the capability to attach known voice talent to play key characters (Tony, Samy, Nonna and DJ Kue), and the potential to link into the world of EDM musicians and their massive followings with DJ “residencies” that include their voice talent and characters in relative levels of integration in the show (from plot to ancillary digital).

IP: A superhero franchise concept, Da Beatz!!! lends itself to graphic novels, gaming, and as a musical, will benefit from original musical productions. 

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