Dealers is a half-hour series all about dealers - car dealers, and, well, others too. It’s the story of The Wheeler family and their proud forefather WALT, who created one of the most successful Ford Dealership chains, Wheelers Dealers, in the West. A top-seller and used vehicle peddler in the heyday of the 60’s, Walt, a cantankerous larger-than-life salesman, followed in the footsteps of Henry Ford, pushing the agenda of American cars supporting the good old American dream no matter what the gas guzzling expense. It’s thus all the more ironic when, in a twist of karma, his Ford F150 accelerates on its own into a river and into his premature death.

Now, with Walt dead, his bizarre dysfunctional collection of children must take over Wheelers Ford as per his will. This eclectic trio consists of GORD, a live-wired enthusiastic jock, CHUCK, a delinquent stoner and failed art student, and TINA, a high strung power lawyer looking for a way out. Together these estranged siblings must learn to be a cohesive family unit and successful business once again, against the backdrop of a dying industry and American dream.

Status: In Development

Format: TV Series (13 x 30 minutes)