The 21st century has literally put health and wellness technology in our hands. Health-e explores the innovative inventions that improve our lives and the driven people that create them.

Health-e is a TV series and comprehensive web-based platform that seeks to familiarize Canadians with useful, promising and fascinating inventions in health and wellness technology through accessible, entertaining and plain-talk storytelling. The show inspires by telling the stories behind the people that create these technologies, the people that use them to improve their health and gain better understanding of themselves, and those that do both.

While every single day, new tools in the realm of wearables, the “internet of things,” and genomics - to name but a few areas of innovation - all develop at the speed of science fiction, very few in the general public are aware of the full gamut of what exists out there or is in the making. Health-e demystifies this world by not just lifting the veil on many such technologies and the communities building them, particularly within Canada, but specifically does so through personal storytelling. 

Status: In Development

Format: TV/Digital Series (13 x 30 minutes)