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“One small step for man. One huge step for manny-kind”

It’s “Three Men and a Baby” meets “Workaholics” in a three-hander about a male nanny start-up set to take America by storm – one brat at a time.

Sophomoric roommates Ben (the brains), Beau (the beau) and Bud (the bong-hitter) seek to find riches in the “genius” plan of opening a male nanny operation out of their apartment - despite them needing some nannying of their own. What starts off as a way to overcome job dissatisfaction (for Ben, investment banking, Beau, hand modeling, and Bud…well, he’s working on it) evolves into an adventure into the lives of the metropolitan elite and their spoiled children, cut-throat rivalry with the nanny "institution" and dangerously premature brushes with the "c" word (commitment).

Status: In Development

Format: TV Series (13 x 30 minutes)

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