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When Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion, Jewish Canadian comedians and creators of the award-winning Yiddish series “YidLife Crisis” (, travel to Poland in search of their Yiddish roots and Ashkenazi culture, they end up finding a unique Jewish community built by Poles looking to face their own complex roots. “Narishkayt” (Yiddish for “silliness”) follows the duo on tour as they bring their show to Krakow and explore the dynamic and delicate intersections of Polish and Jewish life in the past and present.

Presented by the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Foundation, Bronfman Fellows AVF and the Stevens-Kurtzig Family Fund.

Status: Completed

Format: TV documentary (1 X 40 minutes)

Directed by: Paulina Fiejdasz

Featuring: Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion