A dark comedy told in real time about the 90 minutes before Michael Savage and Chad Billings leave for a tropical paradise Words) : spring break - with all their clients' life savings.

Michael Savage is a man you can trust. An established financial advisor by the ripe young age of 35, he’s not only a well-off magnate in his suburban community and proud husband of beautiful trophy wife Mariam, but a community-oriented philanthropist willing to go the extra mile for his clients, attending funerals, weddings, even bar mitzvahs. He’s a legitimate part of the family, taking part in his clients’ life planning: education, retirement... dreams.

Nowadays, Michael keeps dreaming of the Bahamas. And why not? He’s been working hard with longtime banker-cum-friend-cum tennis partner Chad Billings of local Sovereign Bank to plan a trip there this winter season. But as Mariam comes to realize, the nature of Michael and Chad’s relationship and what they’ve been doing to “earn” this vacation are about as questionable as this trip is a true “vacation.” By booking their trip three weeks before Christmas, they had more than one kind of “early retreat” in mind - Michael and Chad intend to experience the ultimate getaway in the sun, where there is no coming back, all at the expense of a community too gullible and greedy to notice they’ve been taken on an incredibly smooth financial scheme for years.

As the plot thickens and Michael and Chad get sniffed out, the question everyone from Mariam to Chad to the police want answered, is: with whom does Michael place his trust

Status: In Development

Format: Feature Film (1 x 90 minutes)

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