eMerge is an award-winning production company specializing in clever content from feature films to TV and digital. Inspired by cutting-edge comedy and content marketing, eMerge creates thought-provoking entertainment and merges partners from broadcasters through brands. eMerge is the product of the left and right brains of Eli Batalion, a writer/producer/strategist with an eye for the previously unblended.







Since its inception in 2014, eMerge's projects have garnered many awards and nominations while being accepted to and presented at many conferences and festivals, including the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, New York Television Festival, CRTC Discoverability Summit, IdeaCity, ITV Independent Television Festival, Montreal Web Fest, Toronto Web Fest, LA Web Fest, Brooklyn Web Fest, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, DC Jewish Film Festival, Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Seattle Jewish Film Festival and more.