Appiness (2018)

When Eric and Raj, old high school buds, try to build the next great app and become billionaires - they don't.


Status: Completed

Format: Feature film (1 X 82 minutes)

Written, Directed and Produced by: Eli Batalion

When ERIC NEWMAN, a shy corporate professional on the cusp of his 30's, gets laid off out of the blue, a chance meeting with long-lost techie buddy RAJ PATEL leads to scheming on startup billionaire dreams. With the help of a grassroots team led by the multi-talented JEANINE GENET, Eric and Raj may just be on the road to riches, freedom and finding their true calling. But what starts off promising soon turns into a slippery slope of growing sacrifices, leading them to not just question what they should really be doing with their lives, but also, like, how long they have left to live.



Best Comedy - Vegas Film Awards

Best Screenplay - Vegas Film Awards

Best Feature - Top Indie Film Awards

Best Humor - Top Indie Film Awards

Best Editing - Top Indie Film Awards

Best New Director - Calcutta International Film Festival

Best Comedy Feature - Creation International Film Festival


Festival Selections

Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, QC, CAN

Miami Independent Film Festival, USA

YoFiFest Film Festival, NY, USA

Dumbo Independent Film Festival, USA

Comedy World Network Film Festival, USA