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Status: In Development

Format: TV series (13 X 30 minutes)

In Gotham's Eurotrash döppelganger Montnoir, there can only be one last hope for saving the city from corruption, crime and moral decrepitude: A bouncer named Tony. Obviously.

Da Beatz!!! mashes the comic superhero-ness of Super Man with the Euro-douche-ry of Jersey Shore to deliver the foul-mouthed but true-to-form satirical adventures of a bouncer turned crime-fighter under the influence of phat dance tracks.



Status: In Development

Format: TV Series (13 x 30 minutes)

Supported by: Canada Media Fund

It’s “Three Men and a Baby” meets “Workaholics” in a three-hander about a male nanny start-up set to take America by storm – one brat at a time.

Sophomoric roommates get more than they bargained for when they hatch the “genius” plan of opening a male nanny operation out of their apartment - despite them needing some nannying of their own.



Status: In Development

Format: TV Series (13 x 30 minutes)

Dealers is a half-hour series all about dealers - car dealers, and, well, others too. Following the death of WALT, a cantakerous car salesman, his bizarre dysfunctional collection of children must take over the family business. This eclectic trio consists of GORD, a live-wired enthusiastic jock, CHUCK, a delinquent stoner and failed art student, and TINA, a high strung power lawyer looking for a way out. Together they must learn to be a cohesive family unit and successful business once again, against the backdrop of a dying industry and American dream.



Status: In Development

Format: Feature Film (1 x 90 minutes)

Supported by: Telefilm Canada

A dark comedy told in real time about the 90 minutes before established financial advisor Michael Savage and his banker accomplice Chad Billings leave for a tropical paradise spring break - with all their clients' life savings.